ExecuteQuery() method uses synchronous call to execute query(loaded in Load() and ExecuteQueryAsync() methods of ClientContext. The following code example shows how to use the executeQueryAsync method. JavaScript. function retrieveWebSite(siteUrl) { var clientContext. iu3j92ihval.gqeQuery(ctx, lists, true); . get metadata terms for a term group, in the context of the specified site collection .. cdb0-ba9b9e28a3b/get-a- list-with-all-sharepoint-sites-with-javascript?forum=sharepointdevelopment .. replacement function for iu3j92ihval.gq(), which avoids 'undefined' exception in IE 8. Place the second code section in a function and call it from the success function of the first passing the userid as a parameter. I have been trying something similar in using ExecuteQuery instead of the Async version. And from what I have found the non Async version is not supported in. to SharePoint JavaScript Object Model (JSOM)'s ClientContext object, so we can use it directly like a promise. I call it "executeQuery" (instead.

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